Time Flies!

Holiday Time Flies By!

The half term holiday has flown by! That means I must have been having fun!

Certainly the children on my arty crafty workshops did- and they produced some really great pieces of work. The masks were made from Modroc (plaster bandages) and completed over two days. The Fishy Weaving Pictures were made from orange and lemon bags stretched over frames and collage materials added. Fab!

Modroc Mask by Rosie Modroc Mask Making

Fishy Weaving by Alice

Fishy Weaving by Alice


Fishy Weaving by Chloe

Fishy Weaving by Chloe


Fishy Weaving by Erin

Fishy Weaving by Erin


Fishy Weaving by Megan

Fishy Weaving by Megan



More Vintage Finds!

I managed to pop to Blaxhall for a night away near the seaside. The Youth Hostel is very nice and a short drive from Snape Maltings, Southwold, Aldeburgh and Woodbridge. I picked up a few more vintage finds of course! A tiny Maurice Sendak book, an old dominoes game, a fabric baby book, a 70’s ‘Guide to Cake Decoration’ and some really bright Humpty Dumpty egg cups. A random selection but I couldn’t resist! I was on holiday after all..!

Vintage books & Games

Latest vintage finds.


Aligators All Around Maurice Sendak

Alligators All Around by Maurice Sendak

I’ll be posting details of new classes and craft workshops soon so keep an eye on my Craft Classes and Events pages!

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