Mother’s Day Makery!

Exclusive Mother’s Day

Spent most of Mothering Sunday with my Mum, Sister, Niece and Nephew at the studio makery! After taking Mum out for a mooch around an antiques fair we headed for my studio and I got the rest of the clan to do some needle felting! Even my 14 year old Nephew took part and we all made a needle felted piece. Very exclusive!

Apart from that I seem to have brown flower tea cozyhardly spent any time at the studio this week as I was working somewhere else on Wednesday. It was lovely to see my ‘Core Crafters’ on Wednesday evening and the amigurumi bears are coming on well. Also looking forward to seeing my young crafters next Saturday where we’ll be making dream catchers..

I did actually make something too- a groovy retro tea cozy from brown and orange fabric- goes nicely with the tea set!

The plans for classes over the Easter break are coming along so look out for postings soon!


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