March Marches On!

A Busy Week!

It’s been a busy week as usual and March is marching on relentlessly!

This week I attended the end of a fantastic ‘Build Your Own WordPress Site’ training course run by Ignite Business. They offer free or heavily subsidised courses on all things small business related to local people and they are very good. Hopefully you’ll see the results right here!!

I was a bit early  for the course so I popped into St. Mary’s church in Dunmow as I’d never been there before – very nice. The views from the carpark were unexpectedly lovely too!View over Dunmow

A photo of St. Mary's Church in Dunmow taken by Sam of Tuftydawn Designs

St Mary’s church, Dunmow.

Children's Dream Catcher It was good to see lots of new faces at the crafty workshop on Saturday. We had fun making dream catchers from paper plates and some of my ribbon stash. The results were good and some of the young crafters were going to put them up at their sleep over. I’m sure they had sweet dreams!

Talking of crafty classes for children, I’ve sorted out some workshops and making sessions for the Easter holidays. The term dates are different for Herts and Essex so I’ve gone for what fits in for most. Workshops include needle felting, modroc masks, decopatch elephants, fabric painting and decorating clocks! It’s going to be busy! And it’s not long to go! I’ll put more details on my Craft Classes page.


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