Spring Has Sprung!

It’s official- Spring has sprung!

Officially it may be so but I think many flowers and plants were way ahead of the Spring Equinox! Nice though.

We made Easter hats in children’s classes on Saturday- here’s a completed one modelled by an Easter bunny!! We also learnt how to make tissue paper flowers fastened together by pipe cleaners in pretty pastel colours.

An Easter hat made by and modelled by an Easter bunny at the Tuftydawn Designs crafty workshop for children.

This Easter bunny seems quite pleased with the Easter hat she made at the Tuftydawn Designs craft class!



I couldn’t resist buying some more vintage craft books. This week is was a book on how to upcycle tea towels and a 1970s book on tapestry.

!970s vintage canvas work book with brighly coloured tapestry yarns.

I had to then go into my local craft shop  Millway (millwaystationery.co.uk) in Stansted and purchase lots of 70s inspired colour tapestry wool which was on sale. I can’t wait to get started on a small project like a pin cushion and it may well be the basis for a workshop..

There are no children’s classes next Saturday as it’s Easter, but I plan to hold a class on the 2nd of April. Check my Craft Classes page to what’s what.

Happy Easter!




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