Holidays Over?

Are the holidays over?

Well not quite for me and those working in Hertfordshire schools!

Had fun last week on the crafty classes for children and everyone produced some beautiful work. The children soon got the hang of how to decoupage the paper elephants and enjoyed choosing additional embellishments- glitter glue proving very popular! A grey decoupage paper mache elephant with pink glitter glue decoration.

The decorating clocks workshop was great too and the results were very unique and colourful.Three house shaped wooden clocks painted in bright colours by children at Tuftydawn Designs.

Coming up on my next Children’s Crafty Classes on Saturday the 23rd of April we’ll be making Tree Collage Pictures.Picture made from twisted newspaper, tissue paper and paint by Tuftydawn Designs.

Changes to Class Times.

Children’s Arty Crafty Classes on a Saturday will be changing slightly. As from the 23rd of April the earlier class will be from 12 to 1pm. The 3pm to 4pm classes are the same. Sessions will be £7 pay as you craft or pre book for a block of 6 sessions at £36. Hope to see you there for some messy fun!

Keep an eye out for different classes for adults too!


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