Back to reality!

Back to reality- back to work!

The Easter holidays are over and I’ve had a lovely, busy couple of weeks off – children’s crafty classes, shopping and a short stay in a snug pod!

The snug pod (basically a posh shed with a bed in!) was lovely and right on Leiston beach. We spent ages picking out shells and stones with holes in from the shore around the campsite and wandering the shops of Aldeburgh. Retro 1950s display unit, ornaments, table and chairs at Delphine's Diner, Aldeburgh.The weather wasn’t great so we took in a film at the cute Aldeburgh Cinema and had a tasty veggie burger at Delphine’s Diner in Aldburgh. I loved all the retro knick-knacks and furniture as well as the food!

Finished the vintage wooden jigsaw I bought in a charity shop. I love buying them second hand, wondering if people were doing the puzzle around their old radio – and if all the pieces are there!Victory wooden jigsaw puzzle half completed with box.

The pieces were indeed all there but the completed picture was nothing like the one pictured on the box!! Extra challenging! Completed wooden Victory puzzle of ships.

Back to work this week so craft classes start again too. Crochet class on Wednesday are going to start some mandalas. See you there! Crocheted mandala.

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