Arty Crafty Party!

Arty Crafty Weekends!

Arty Crafty Classes

The arty crafty weekends started last Saturday where the children got stuck into some sewing at classes. They had to cut out felt shapes of their choice and sew them on to a fabric background and then colour the background with spray fabric paint and water. The sewing went very well and the children worked very carefully. The backgrounds were  experimental and very colourful- just like being under the sea!


Arty Crafty Party

Sunday was equally as arty and crafty. A fun time was had by all at a birthday party in Cambridge. I unpacked all the materials and things needed to make decoupage clocks and the children really enjoyed getting sticky and personalising their own. Amazing how everyone’s was different! Sunny weather helped the party along too as it was nice enough to play games outside whilst I whipped off the tablecloth ready for party food! Mmmm- pizza!


 Arty Crafty Classes.

This week in Arty Crafty Classes we continued the sewing theme, sewing elephants onto bags and adding sequins for decoration. Jaden had really got the hang of sewing and soon was able to sew the elephant on and add sequins all by himself! The end result looked great!Grey felt elephant sewn onto cream fabric with sequins and a button made at the Tuftydawn Design studio.Just a reminder that there’s no Children’s Arty Crafty Classes for the next two weeks as I’m on a training course.

On the 18th of June we’ll be making Father’s Day gifts. Here’s a sneak preview!



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