Back To Reality!

Back from holidays- back to reality!

Got back from a short break in beautiful Portugal the other day and it’s definitely back to reality! Especially with the temperature- brrr! Guess I’ll have to really pack away my Summer clothes now!

Spent most of the holiday eating, drinking and lazing around- just what I needed! I did find a good craft shop though and bought some yarn which I used to make a shell necklace and got some Portuguese fabric too. White fabric with Portuguese patterned fish motifs.Photo of a tree with crocheted sea themed elements around the trunk.There was a little street that had a different crochet theme around every tree- cute! Very nice to have a yummy custard tart and coffee under and admire the handy work!

We popped to Faro by bus too and had an amble around the old port which was full of cobbled streets and fancy buildings. Brooch with a textile mini picture in the middle & black, red & yellow crochet edging.Came across a really interesting shop Sardinha De Papel where the crafts on sale were mainly up-cycled and really unusual. I purchased a great brooch ready to pin on my Autumn jacket. Even the bag to take it home was made from a recycled coffee sachet. I fell in love with a bright plastic house money box but sadly it wasn’t for sale.. Here’s a photo of the one that got away!  Neon pink, green & yellow plastic money box in the shape of a house.

Back in the U.K. I’m getting ready to close up the studio. We’ve already started to sort out the spare room which is going to re transform itself into a new work space. One which will be more manageable with my other work commitments.

I’ve started to photograph some of the pieces of furniture which I’ll no longer have space for and will appear on Ebay shortly. I’ll make up a little catalogue and post it on my site soon. Here’s a little taster…

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