A Rare Thing!

An empty pine table in front of a red and white wall with record covers, button swatches, postcards and concert tickets decorating it.A Rare & Beautiful Thing Is…..

A clear work table! I finally got round to totally clearing my workspace and it feels great! There was a mountain of paperwork and ends of projects increasing in size day by day – argh!  I feel very proud of myself and it gives me momentum to do some more projects. Not sure how long it’ll stay like this but I’m determined to keep it in order!!

Vintage Finds.

My latest vintage finds include some fab fabrics which may be turned into little purses. The yellow fabric is definitely Spring like and goes nicely with the trim with the little people on it. You can see that I have an allergy to ironing and only do it as I’m about to start a new project! The Heals curtain made a great last minute table cloth for a Mother’s Day tea. The print is really too big for me to use for anything else. Any suggestions?

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