Easter Break.

Four giant flower shaped buttons, fluorescent buttons & a vintage bowl.Sunny Easter Break

Here’s a pic of some of the crafty purchases made whilst on a sunny Easter break in Sheringham. Most of my purchases were very brightly coloured- probably a reflection of the fabulous weather I enjoyed! The vintage powder puff bowl needs attention to the lid- I’m thinking a lovely tassel… Not sure if it should be gold, bright, big or small.. I’ll post a pic if I get it sorted out!

I also found this lovely bright tea-towel. A tea towel in bright oranges & greens of a pile of exotic fruit.Surely you couldn’t get too fed up at doing the dishes  with amazing piece of fabric?!


My craft classes for adults start up again next week on Wednesday the 19th of April. We’ll be trying some new stitches as well as maybe making a few baby items and some simple butterflies.

I helped two of my local crafty kids finish painting their air drying clay pots they’d make a few weeks ago. They look rather good- again the bright colours probably due to the great weather we’ve been having!

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