Changes Afoot!

So Retro!

These pictures are of gorgeous poppies I spotted in a garden – just for the sheer beauty of them!

Changes to Craft Classes.

There have been some changes to the weekly craft classes for adults. We now meet once a month for a social catch up and to do a bit of crocheting too!

coloured crochet blocks with words spelt out on them in puff stitchThis month’s ‘homework’ has been to try a panel for the Cancer Support Charity Blanket which is free and by Peach.Unicorn Designs. It looks good in a plain cream colour too. Puff stitch baby hat and booties in white yarn.

The only other crafting I’ve done is made a baby bonnet and matching booties for Rosie who’s moved away from Stansted. I made them in a neutral colour and quite enjoyed making the puffy stitch for the hat!

My craft room has been taken over by bathroom components so at the moment I can’t use the table at all! Soon I’ll get back into the swing of things and we’ll have a nice bathroom to boot!!

More News…

We now have a bathroom and I kind of have my craft room back!!

I had a lovely Art class with Jaden and Gino today and we tried our hand at some Giacometti sculptures. Didn’t make too much mess with the mod roc either! I guess they won’t look so Giacometti by the time they’re painted next week!

I’ve also set up a few shelves at Victoria’s Vintage barn which is near Little Hadham. It was lovely to get out some of my vintage collection and set up a space. Hopefully I’ll sell some things so I can change stock every so often. It’s a nice place and Vicki is friendly and does craft classes upstairs in the barn. Here’s some pics!

I’ll try and blog about once a month as I’m now a busy Postwoman!!





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