Changes Afoot!

So Retro!

These pictures are of gorgeous poppies I spotted in a garden – just for the sheer beauty of them!

Changes to Craft Classes.

There have been some changes to the weekly craft classes for adults. We now meet once a month for a social catch up and to do a bit of crocheting too!

coloured crochet blocks with words spelt out on them in puff stitchThis month’s ‘homework’ has been to try a panel for the Cancer Support Charity Blanket which is free and by Peach.Unicorn Designs. It looks good in a plain cream colour too. Puff stitch baby hat and booties in white yarn.

The only other crafting I’ve done is made a baby bonnet and matching booties for Rosie who’s moved away from Stansted. I made them in a neutral colour and quite enjoyed making the puffy stitch for the hat!

My craft room has been taken over by bathroom components so at the moment I can’t use the table at all! Soon I’ll get back into the swing of things and we’ll have a nice bathroom to boot!!

More News…

We now have a bathroom and I kind of have my craft room back!!

I had a lovely Art class with Jaden and Gino today and we tried our hand at some Giacometti sculptures. Didn’t make too much mess with the mod roc either! I guess they won’t look so Giacometti by the time they’re painted next week!

I’ve also set up a few shelves at Victoria’s Vintage barn which is near Little Hadham. It was lovely to get out some of my vintage collection and set up a space. Hopefully I’ll sell some things so I can change stock every so often. It’s a nice place and Vicki is friendly and does craft classes upstairs in the barn. Here’s some pics!

I’ll try and blog about once a month as I’m now a busy Postwoman!!





Easter Break.

Four giant flower shaped buttons, fluorescent buttons & a vintage bowl.Sunny Easter Break

Here’s a pic of some of the crafty purchases made whilst on a sunny Easter break in Sheringham. Most of my purchases were very brightly coloured- probably a reflection of the fabulous weather I enjoyed! The vintage powder puff bowl needs attention to the lid- I’m thinking a lovely tassel… Not sure if it should be gold, bright, big or small.. I’ll post a pic if I get it sorted out!

I also found this lovely bright tea-towel. A tea towel in bright oranges & greens of a pile of exotic fruit.Surely you couldn’t get too fed up at doing the dishes  with amazing piece of fabric?!


My craft classes for adults start up again next week on Wednesday the 19th of April. We’ll be trying some new stitches as well as maybe making a few baby items and some simple butterflies.

I helped two of my local crafty kids finish painting their air drying clay pots they’d make a few weeks ago. They look rather good- again the bright colours probably due to the great weather we’ve been having!

A Rare Thing!

An empty pine table in front of a red and white wall with record covers, button swatches, postcards and concert tickets decorating it.A Rare & Beautiful Thing Is…..

A clear work table! I finally got round to totally clearing my workspace and it feels great! There was a mountain of paperwork and ends of projects increasing in size day by day – argh!  I feel very proud of myself and it gives me momentum to do some more projects. Not sure how long it’ll stay like this but I’m determined to keep it in order!!

Vintage Finds.

My latest vintage finds include some fab fabrics which may be turned into little purses. The yellow fabric is definitely Spring like and goes nicely with the trim with the little people on it. You can see that I have an allergy to ironing and only do it as I’m about to start a new project! The Heals curtain made a great last minute table cloth for a Mother’s Day tea. The print is really too big for me to use for anything else. Any suggestions?

So Retro!

A selection of handmade teacozies n bright retro fabrics made at Tuftydawn DesignsRetro & Vintage Fair.

The Retro and Vintage Fair at Quendon Village Hall on Saturday went rather well. I sold some of the crafts I’d made from vintage fabrics which was lovely, some clothes,  vintage tools and home wares and a rather fabulous chunky silver crucifix which I used to wear in my Goth days! It was the first time they’d had an event there and it was great- lots of vintage clothes. I was very good and only spent money on cups of tea!!

Crochet Classes

Crochet Classes have started up again in the Quaker HallPale yellow crocheted duckling on a green William Morris fabric background. and at people’s request we’re getting a bit Easter-ish already by making these cute ducklings. We may try some butterflies too..

My own crochet project (Frida’s Flowers) is also coming along well. It’s going to be a time consuming project but I’m in it for the long haul! Is anyone else tempted to race ahead to the next block before finishing all the ones in the set?!Several different crochet blocks from the Frida's Flowers blanket. I must make sure I go back to the beginning and do all the purple ones first before continuing with the blocks with all the colour changes!! We’ll see if I do…




What happened to January?

Where on earth did January go? I can’t believe it’s February this week already!

I’ve been quite a busy bee really. I finished the baby quilt which took up quite a lot of my time but looked good in the end.A square block baby's quilt made with blue toned cotton fabrics made by Tuftydawn Designs. I used two layers of thin batting and it gave the quilt a nice puffy look. The client was pleased with it too. I’ve invested in a patchwork ruler for future projects!20170117_120214

My vintage hunting continues and I’ve found a couple of good books on patchwork – one by Amy Butler.

I also couldn’t resist buying some funky 70s trays. I love the bright colours and simple style of the ‘acca’  trays by David Douglas.

Stack of four acca trays in orange, green, yellow and black.

Vintage Treasure

I bought a beautiful 1940’s girls party dress – I don’t have children but it was such a treasure I couldn’t leave it! I had a wonderful time taking lots of photographs of it for a photography project. Hopefully they give a really old fashioned feel to the dress.

Crafts classes continue on a Wednesday evening and it was good to see the group back again. Crocheting around cards and images this time- I’ll post when we’ve finished!

Happy New Year!

Painted tin decoration of Elvis in a blue and gold jumpsuit with a halo and angel wings.Happy 2017!

Can’t believe that it’s 2017! We’ve packed up all the Christmas decorations and put them back in the loft – including Elvis who always sits at the top of our tree. A fun decoration found in Mexico and goes with the other decorations sourced there too.

Just the Christmas panatone to get eaten up and then it’s back to healthy (ish!) eating!

Also back to crafts classes for adults on the 11th of January. We’ll be trying some new crochet stitches – possibly a cable pattern, but we cater for complete beginners too!   See you there!

Christmas Time!

Group of Mexican Nativity figures made of glazed china, with a bright Mexican cloth background.Hooray for Christmas!

Christmas time means a visit to the loft to dust off those decorations and discover things you’d forgotten about since last year.

I always get out my Mexican Nativity set and set it up. Yes, I know the Three Kings aren’t supposed to arrive until after Christmas, but I’d probably forget about them until it was time to pack them away! I actually bought the set because of the gorgeously cute sheep and then added random animals of my own!

It’s the last of my Crochet Classes this week until the New Year when I hope to have more time for my crafty projects.. I may be able to squeeze in another class with some children local to me  to make some more merry arty crafty pieces.Two boys holding up Christmas tree paintings made with Tuftydawn Designs. In the photo you can’t see the effect, but there’s actually some glow in the dark paint on the canvas too. A sparkly surprise at night for the two elves who made them!

I’m making a few Christmas presents too but can’t post them on here until after Christmas – for obvious reasons!

Happy Christmas countdown!